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This is the "Loop" portion of the Hook & Loop No Basting System For Scroll Rods, 3 Yards. Hate to baste? Then the Hook & Loop No Basting System is the ticket! Attach your fabric instantly to the scroll rods, remove it, and reattach it in the blink of an eye. Enables you to maintain the tension needed to produce even stitches. 1" wide for easy attaching. This works excellently with the Hook portion to make it super easy to attach your fabric to your scroll rods.

There are two parts to the system which is made of a special Velcro. Each has a sticky back. The first part (for scroll rods) permanently attaches to the scroll rods and is reusable over and over. You can even retrofit your existing rods as it is easy to apply. The second part (for fabric) permanently attaches to the project and is cut off after using. When you start a new project, you only replace the second part which goes on the fabric. Once you start using the Hook & Loop No Basting System, you will only need to buy the second part "Hook" (for fabric).

Loop No Basting System For Scroll Rods (Loop)

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