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Cross stitch pre-dyed cut sizes are approximate and can have some shrinking with the dyeing and serging process. Each fabric type responds differently so results may vary. All cross stitch fabrics raw edges are serged. If you need additional assistance in figuring out what size fabric to purchase or calculating your finished stitch size on a particular count fabric please don't hesitate to ask. We are here to help. 




How long will it take for my order to ship?

Ready-to-Ship items are items that are in stock and ready to ship.

Available-to-Order are items that may or may not be currently available in stock but are available to purchase. 

Made-to-Order items are special orders that are dyed or created after an order is placed. Production time will vary based on the type and brand of item ordered. Most hand-dyed fabrics can take an average of 3-6 weeks to ship however can take up to 12 weeks depending on availability, volume of orders, holiday and office schedules. 

Where are HLC Fabrics product made?

All of HLC Fabrics products are created in the United States. 


Prices and shipping rates are subject to change without prior notice. Orders, invoices and quotes are in U.S. dollars and must be paid with U.S. currency. Foreign currency cannot be accepted. A deposit may be required for retail orders over $200 and wholesale orders over $500. Custom designs or orders will be quoted out on a case by case basis. 

Payment Options

HLC Fabrics accepts a variety of payment options: Cash, Check, Credit Card and PayPal. We accept most credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover). At this time we are still accepting PayPal however with the increase in fraudulent claims we may be forced to discontinue or limit this payment method to approved customers only.  If a customer opens a PayPal dispute for an order we will no longer accept PayPal as a form of payment from that customer in the future. In addition, we will review the actions taken prior to such dispute and reserve the right to refuse any service in the future.


Hand dyed fabrics as well as other items on our website are made to order and can take several weeks to produce and or ship. Depending on order volume and our schedule orders can take up to 12 weeks to process. If an items is anticipated to take longer due to a backordered item you will be contacted.


Retail and wholesale orders must be pre-paid prior to shipping. Net 30 terms are available on a limited basis upon approval only. Please contact us if you are requesting wholesale pricing. Not all items listed are our website are available for wholesale at this time. HLC Fabrics retains the right to refuse service to any customer and will only do so if warranted. 

Net 30

To be considered for Net 30 terms, you may be required to have a retail store front or qualifying website and meet our wholesale requirements. You may be asked to provide a current copy of store lease, resale and business licenses.  You may also be required to submit to current and comprehensive references. Such references must include address, telephone numbers and  contact names. A finance charge of 2% per month will be charged on a monthly basis until the balance is paid in full.  Net 30 terms will only be extended to accounts that have prudent business practices. Any Net 30 account that does not strictly adhere to the requirements will be restored to pre-payment terms. Net 30 terms are only extended to domestic accounts.


Minimum Ordering Requirements

Customer service is very important to us. In order to better help serve our retail and wholesale customers, we have no minimum order requirements at this time.

Custom Orders

Custom orders will be accepted on a case by case basis and with HLC Fabrics owner approval. Custom designs or orders will require a 50% deposit before fulfillment commences.

Return Policy  


Returns and exchanges are accepted with HLC Fabrics owner approval only. Transit damage claims should be made directly to the carrier and HLC Fabrics. Shipments that are returned to HLC Fabrics due, but not limited to, refusal of deliver, return to sender, deemed undeliverable by carrier, etc., by no fault of HLC Fabrics, the customer will be assessed a 10% restocking fee and will forfeit any paid shipping, handling.  Discrepancies on any shipment must be reported to HLC Fabrics within 3 days of arrival. Corrections made to an invoice, without prior notification and approval, is not permissible. Any Net 30 Terms will be forfeited in these circumstances. All approved returns, exchanges and refunds must be received in their original condition when shipping from HLC Fabrics unless otherwise authorized by the owner of HLC Fabrics. 


Exchanges, Returns & Refunds


Authorization must be given by the owner of HLC Fabrics before any goods are return and/or exchanged. A 10% restocking fee may be assessed on approved returns or exchanges. Customer will be responsible for return shipping unless otherwise notified. HLC Fabrics retains the right to refuse a return, exchange or refund for any reason. If there is suspicion of dishonest claims, multiple damage or missing delivery or repeated complaint we have to right to refuse service to any such customer. 


Fat 1/16 - 9" x 11"

Fat 1/8 - 11" x 18" 

Fat 1/4 - 18" x 21"

Fat 1/2 - 21" x 36" 

Yard - 36" x 43"


Fat 1/16 - 9" x 13"

Fat 1/8 - 13" x 18"

Fat 1/4 - 18" x 27"

Fat 1/2 - 27" x 36"

Yard - 36" x 55"


Fat 1/16 - 9" x 13"

Fat 1/8 - 13" x 18"

Fat 1/4 - 18" x 27"

Fat 1/2 - 27" x 36"

Yard - 36" x 55"



Domestic Shipping


Orders are primarily shipped via U.S.P.S. (Priority, First Class mail or Air Parcel post). Alternative shipping methods may be utilized at the discretion of HLC Fabrics or by specific request of the customer. It is our policy to evaluate each order and if there is a better delivery solution, possibly with a lower cost or no cost to the customer we will attempt to arrange this method. If there is a difference results in a negative balance on the customers account, the customer will have the option keeping a credit on their account or receiving a refund. Shipping costs may vary. If you have an issue with a shipment please contact us within 72 hours of delivery. 


International Shipping 


International orders are subject to the same terms as our Domestic Shipping Policy with some exceptions. Customs duties and other fees associated with international shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Such duties and fees are not included in purchased price, shipping or handling costs billed by HLC Fabrics.

Minimum Order Requirements for Shipping

Customer service is very important to us. In order to better help serve our customers, we have no minimums at this time. 

Damaged or Missing Shipments


Missing or damaged shipments resulting in damaged product must be reported to HLC Fabrics within 3 days of arrival. Claims will not be accepted after this period without prior HLC Fabrics owner authorization. In the case of a missing delivery, you must provide written proof non-delivery and official carrier missing package claim report. In the case of a damaged shipment, you must save the damaged shipping container, all packaging material and the damaged goods for inspection by the carrier and/or HLC Fabrics. It's advised to send photographs of the damaged packaging and product to HLC Fabrics for review. All documentation will be reviewed by HLC Fabrics and you will be contacted with a resolution decision. 



Is there a difference between dye lots?


Yes. Dye lots can vary due to many factors. Weather, time of year, dyers techniques, brand and type fabrics used, brand dyes used etc. Though not always necessary, if possible, it is recommended to purchase enough product for your project or any companion pieces at the same time to avoid potential dye lot issues.

What is the difference between dye lots with HLC Fabrics Signature Collections?


Dye lots may vary for many reasons, some factors are beyond a dyers control. This may occur due to fabric types, weather, collection, technique etc. However, with our unique dye process, techniques and quality control standards this is rarely an issue. Due to these strict processes our colors are fairly consistent but may vary slightly.

How should I handle hand-dyed products and should my final project be washed?


We recommend that you treat your fabric with care when handling so washing will not be necessary. Treat your project with care, wash your hands prior to handling your project, remove it from the frame when not actively working on your project, don't leave it in prolonged sunlight, etc. This applies to any textile and not just hand-dyed products. Remember when different blending manufacturer and dyers products (fabric, threads, etc.) that some may have previous been washed and some may not have been. Some projects like quilts, it's best to pre-wash unwashed items so that your finished project will not have noticeable uneven shrinking. If you must wash your project, soak and hand washing in cold water. If a soap is necessary, we only recommend with a delicate textile detergent made exclusively for hand-dyed fabrics. If you do not already have some in your stash, we sell it on our website. Use the soap sparingly and rinse well, as excessive detergent left in your project can cause discoloration over time. 

Are any hand-dyed fabrics washable and colorfast?


It all depends on the dyer, their dye process and the products used. If this is a concern to you, it's best to verify a fabric is washable or colorfast prior to purchasing. We recommend that you treat your fabric with care when handling so washing will not be necessary. We advise washing fabrics carefully and according to individual dyers instructions. 

Are HLC Fabrics Signature Collections washable and colorfast?


For the most part, yes! We have been dyeing for a very long time and have done extensive research and testing so our products are washable and colorfast. We recommend that you treat your fabric with care when handling so washing will not be necessary. We advise washing fabrics carefully and according to individual dyers instructions. 

What are the different HLC Fabrics Signature Collections?

Atlas ...to be announced.

Coffee House are mostly neutral in color with unique mottling effects. 

Color Blooms are a variation of colors that are uniquely mottled together to create a "blooming" effect.

Design Specific are colors that are dyed for a specific chart or pattern. 

Duets are fabrics dyed half in one color and the other half is dyed with a secondary color. These are either dyed "long" (landscape) or "short" (portrait). 

Holiday are traditional holiday themed colors, however they are not exclusive to use with holiday projects. 

Canvas Blossoms are needlepoint canvas backgrounds. We are the first in the industry to develop these backgrounds. Our canvas continues to be unique in the industry and are not digitally printed. 

Jewel Collection are colors that represent different jewels, gems and stones. Dye techniques vary in this collection with some having little to no mottling while others have heavy mottling. Jewels are available mainly on linen fabrics only. 

Passport ...to be announced.

Seaside are a blend of colors with seaside inspiration. This collection created In Loving Memory of Billie Jo Stimmel, Kristy's mother. 

Serendipity are typically unique or one-of-a-kind colors which may or may not be able to be duplicated. 

Shimmers are soft in color with little to no mottling dyed on opalescent fabric. 

Skyline ....to be announced.

Specialty are dyed in a specific pattern to achieve a particular effect. These are either dyed "long" (landscape) or "short" (portrait). 

Starlights are colors dyed specifically dyed on metallic or opalescent fabric.

Whispers are soft in color, mostly solid with little to no mottling. 

What needlework fabrics does HLCF dye?

HLCF dyes fabric from the following manufacturers: Zweigart (linen, evenweave, aida, hardanger and canvas), Wichelt (Jobelan), Graziano (linen).

What thread count needlework fabrics does HLCF dye?

HLCF dyes needlework fabric in the following counts: 6, 7, 11, 14, 16, 18, 22, 25, 28, 32, 36 & 40.  

What size cuts does HLCF offer for needlework fabric?

We offer a variety of cuts for needlework fabric. We typically dye and sell "fat" cuts versus the standard "skinny" cut. Sizes listed are "pre-dyed" cut sizes and some shrinking does occur during the hand-dyeing process. This does not typically affect the fabrics thread count. Please plan accordingly when planning your project. The most common being Fat 1/8, Fat 1/4 , Fat 1/2, Door Jammer, Ornament, Custom Cut and more. Manufacturer's fabrics are available in different widths ranging from 40" to 72" wide so cut sizes may vary.  If there is a particular fabric you need for a project and you do not see it listed let us know. We may have it in stock or we may be able to order it for you.

Do you serge your needlework fabric?

Yes, we serge most needlework fabrics (linen, evenweave, aida and hardanger fabrics will always be serged). Punch Needle, Needlepoint Canvas, and Embroidery fabrics do not come serged. You are welcome to send us a request if there is something in particular you need serged prior to shipping. 

What hand-dyed fabrics does HLCF dye?

We carry a wide range of fabrics for needlework, quilting, drafting, home decor and more. See below:

Cross Stitch: Aida (6, 7, 11, 14, 16, 18, & 22ct), Evenweave (20, 25, 28 & 32ct), Linen (18, 25, 28, 32, 36 & 40ct)

Hardanger: Hardanger (22 & 25ct)

Embroidery: Kona, Muslin, Cotton

Punch Needle: Weaver's Cloth

Needlepoint:  Mono Deluxe (18ct)

Quilting: Kona, Muslin, Cotton

Crafting: Flannel, Muslin ,Chenille, Cotton, Linen and whatever may suit our fancy at the time.

Home Decor: Home Decor Cottons (cuts from 45" & 55" wide cloth)

If there is a particular fabric you need for a project and you do not see it listed let us know. We may have it in stock or we may be able to order it for you.

What size quilters cuts does HLCF offer for quilting fabric?

We offer Quilter's Fat Eights, Fat Quarters, Yard, Whole Cloth and Wide Quilt Backings.​ Our quilt fabrics are pre-washed and some shrinking does occur during the dyeing process. As will any natural fabric some additional shrinking may still occur. Please plan accordingly when planning your project. 


These are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other inquiries, please feel free to let us know

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