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SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS: Subscriptions are available in all our cross stitch fabric types. Available cut sizes are Fat 1/8, Fat 1/4, and Fat 1/2. For details on measurements see our FAQ page. Programs available are Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly, and Semi-annually.


SUBSCRIPTION DURATION: Your subscription will remain active until you cancel. You can cancel at any time by contacting us. You can also place your subscription on hold for up to three shipments per holding period. You can place your subscription on hold at any time by contacting us.


BILLING/SHIPPING FREQUENCY: New subscriptions will receive the fabric from the next FOTM cycle. Fabric of the Month (FOTM) is typically invoiced in the beginning of each month and ships as payment is received. Subscriptions invoice and ship as follows:

  • Monthly: Once a month
  • Bi-monthly: Every other month
  • Quarterly: Every three months
  • Semi-annually: Every six months (twice a year)


SHIPPING RATES: Rates are determined by the delivery address and country. If you have multiple subscriptions being delivered to the same address your shipping rate will adjust accordingly.


PRICING: The pricing for your first delivery is for non-opalescent fabric. When signing up you can choose if you want to occasionally receive opalescent fabric. Invoices will be slightly higher for months you receive opalescent fabric. FOTM fabrics are 20% off regular pricing. You will receive one cut of your fabric of choice per FOTM cycle. You may sign up for multiple subscriptions.


COLOR: FOTM colors vary by month and are selected by the HLCF team. Most FOTM fabrics are non-opalescent fabrics, with occasional exceptions. When signing up you will have the option to occasionally receive opalescent fabrics.


ADDITIONAL REWARDS: FOTM subscribers may receive additional or exclusive promotions, sneak previews of new products, or advance notice of events and promotions.

Fabric of the Month (Cross Stitch)

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