Beach is a multi-toned fabric dyed in equal part of two different colors. The bottom is a blend of yellows and tans while the top half is dyed with a blend of light blues. Available on any fabric type. Duets™ are dyed in two different orientations, long (landscape) or short (portrait). 


    • Seaside Kingdom calls for a fat 1/4 of 32ct. If you are planning to stitch on 14ct or 28ct you may want to order a fat 1/2 as it does not leave you much allowance otherwise. Fat 1/4 is apx 18"x27" and a Fat 1/2 is apx 27"x36"


    • Buying your fabric for a specific project? Use Project Name section and we will label your fabric as a reminder for you.


    • Leave special requests, notes or suggestions in the Comments section.
  • Duets™ are dyed in two equal parts, a top and bottom color. Duets™ are available in two different orientations, long (landscape) or short (portrait).

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