Serving the Community

Here at HLCF we strongly believe in paying it forward and supporting a variety of non-profit organizations through volunteering and donations in addition to donating a portion of sales.

We have added a page to the website highlighting a few of the non-profit organizations we support.  Over time you will see this list change. Most of our support go to smaller or local charities that typically don't have the fundraising resources that larger or mega organizations have access to utilizing, making it that much more special to us to promote.

Please help us in spreading the love and you can feel good knowing every purchase you make helps someone in need. From time to time we will host event to help raise additional funds for a specific charity. Look for our Stitch, Save and Donate sales events.  You can save money and an increased portion of the sale will go to the designated organization.

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Closed for the Holidays

We will be closed from 4/2 through 4/4 for the upcoming holidays. We will be back in the office Monday, 4/5 and will respond to any e-mails and communications upon our return. Happy holidays, everyone

Belfast Fabric & Suppliers Update

Hello, everyone. We just received another update from our suppliers. Unfortunately we won't be able to receive any Belfast fabric until the end of May/beginning of June. We are trying to get extra if


Some of our suppliers have recently started receiving their product, which means we may be getting ours very soon. We just received notice today from our fabric supplier that the fabric we have been w

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