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Lily Pond is available to order

We now have a waterlily fabric available to compliment your pixie and sprite projects. I have been holding on to this fabric idea for a few years now and finally put it to canvas. As with all fabrics in our Imaginate™ collection, the image shown on the website is more of a "guideline". Each fabric is handmade so it is creatively unique and can be customized to fit your project. Here are some mocks ups and overlays to help fuel your imagination! Click here to order

* Left to right: Lily Pond on Seascape, Pond Lily overlay, Lily Pad Sprite overlay, Water Lily Pixie mock up.

Looking to stitch companion pieces, we can make different variations to compliment each piece. Or if you would prefer to stitch multiple patterns on one fabric we can create a unique fabric that will be sure to fit your needs.

Happy Stitching!

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