Where have we been?

Two years ago our family was struck with catastrophic illness.  While caring for my mother who had MS and stage-four cancer I was also struck with an illness which hospitalized me for a short time.  In addition to grieving the loss of my mother, it's taken me the better part of two years to learn to manage my condition and return to my normal life. 

During this time, my husband and I moved and are now ready to start tackling the task of setting up HLC Fabrics at a new location.  We are happy to announce this will be a permanent location.  My husband's job will no longer require us to move which means we can settle in and grow some roots here in Snohomish, Wa. We picked Snohomish as our new home location for many reasons. It's a small town that supports local business and artists and has so much to offer.  I'll try to make posts from time to time updating everyone on our progress.  Our goal is to be open for business again in Summer 2018. 

Cheers! Kristy

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